Across the country, Mexico, and in Europe, Dr. Gutiérrez has taught classes in both English and Spanish on his various areas of expertise for the past 50 years.


US Government and State Politics, mainly Oregon, Texas and California with a focus on Chicano Politics and that of other ethnic groups and women. His main interests for publications are biography, oral history, and the US Intelligence Community, namely the FBI’s surveillance of Mexicanos, Chicanos, and Puerto Ricans.


After years in the trenches of academia he earned Full Professor of Political Science status at the University of Texas-Arlington. In October 2015, the Regents of the University of Texas System approved the recommendation he be named Emeritus Professor of Political Science.

In 2019 and 1991 respectively, the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute named him the Hispanic Hero for that year and the National Council of La Raza (now UNIDOS US) named him a Chicano Hero.


His book on the Surveillance of César Chávez and the UFW was awarded 2nd place in Non-Fiction in 2019 and the biography of Albert A. Peña, Jr. was awarded 1st Place in Biography in 2018, both by the International Latino Book Awards. Earlier in 2006, the Making of a Civil Rights Leader, earned him recognition and recommendation by the New York Times Review of Books as among the Best Books for Teenage Years.


His latest article of 2022, “A Partial History of Violence Toward La Raza,” is at www.latinopia.com

Review by Jose Angel Gutierrez:
Mi Carnal Frank: A Family Memoir and Biography of U.S. Congressman Frank Mariano Tejeda Jr. 1945-1997 by Juan Tejeda. www.somosenescrito.com